Black tea with spices

Wonderful drink of Indian cuisine, has a pleasant, spicy taste of milk, good thirst quencher and has a warming effect.

water – 3 cups;
black tea – 2 teaspoons;
milk – 1 glass;
carnation – 4 Bud;
cinnamon – 2 sticks;
nutmeg – 2 pinches;
ginger root – 10 grams;
ground black pepper – 1 pinch;
sugar – 40 grams;
honey – 40 grams;
cardamom – 2 pinches.
Put all spices in water and bring to a boil. Then in boiling spicy water, pour tea, sugar, add milk, bring to boil again and cook for another 4 minutes on low heat. Then remove the pan from the heat, let the tea brew for a few minutes. If you choose the honey, not sugar, then add it to tea, after the tea will cease to boil. Then strain the tea and drink it with pleasure.

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