Eat berries to preserve the health and beauty!

Preparation. Eat berries to preserve the health and beauty!

Mother nature generously provides us with rich harvests of vegetables, fruits, variety of cereals, she has given us invaluable delicious berries, which contain large amounts of vitamins and various trace elements. Previously, when the chemical industry was not so developed, people used natural substances for the treatment and prevention of all diseases. We have all to be healthy and full of energy, we just have to want it. So now we will try to sort out what is rich in berries, and how with their help, you can improve your health and overall health.

Klubnichnaja with all your favorite strawberry. This berry is full of vitamins, organic acids, minerals and pectin, it also contains carotene and folic acid. Strawberry will be an excellent tool for the prevention of cardiovascular and oncological diseases, and the contained fiber helps to improve bowel function.
Luculluses the tart cranberry will be pleased to know that this valuable berry has antimicrobial effects, stops the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the body, because it is good to eat for healing septic wounds. Cranberry also able to remove heavy metals and harmful substances from the organism that is certainly important in our rapidly developing technological environment. It is also helpful to eat cranberries, if you want to have healthy gums.
Chereshnevym bazaars overflowing with juicy and sweet cherries. It is considered a true natural healer, because it has an overall rejuvenating effect on the body, prevents cancer and is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. In addition, it is worth noting analgesic ability of cherries, it will help headaches, arthritic pain, pain in the spine and joints. The composition of the pectin in the cranberries helps you lose weight the body.
Kalinaki you want to give your body a powerful vitamin charge, you will certainly eat berries viburnum, it will replace the expensive modern pharmaceuticals multivitamins. Since ancient times, the juice of viburnum is considered an excellent preventive remedy for migraines. Kalina is very effective in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and cardiovascular system. It is used to cure gastric diseases, colitis and inflammation of the duodenum.
Verstorbene cherries can help to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and improve digestion. Due to its high antioxidant properties, cherry will protect your body from premature aging, strengthen the heart and nervous system, support the vision and potency. Because of this wonderful berry is often called “the Berry of eternal youth”.
Granatino I just love to eat pomegranate, it’s an entertaining action, when you have to get many seeds from the dense weave of the skins, and then enjoy the sweet and sour juice of its seeds. Each of which contains a lot of vitamins, because it strengthens the immune system and allow your body to cope with diseases of an infectious nature. Pomegranate has benefits for the cardiovascular system and improves digestion, also it is famous for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic property. But even garnet has a diuretic effect.
Brunnicephalus properties of cranberries lies in its ability to deal with deficiency diseases, kidney diseases and urolithiasis. If you have poor eyesight or you suffer from rheumatism, make sure you include in your diet this valuable berry. Cranberries can stop the inflammation and to bring down the temperature. And also, eat cranberries, to recharge your energy, lift your mood and improve the tone of the whole organism.
Maliyagoda raspberries, so soft and sweet, can boast of manganese and fibre, which provide high metabolism in the body, allowing faster burn fat and it promotes weight loss. The variety of vitamins, dietary fibers and antioxidants in the composition raspberries nourish the whole body, prevent cancer and help maintain youthfulness of the body.
The revenue, and finally talk about the beneficial properties of rhubarb. It’s certainly not berry, but its wonderful nutritional and dietary properties it is impossible not to mention in this article. The leafstalks of rhubarb contain huge amounts of vitamins, fibers and minerals. Rhubarb has antioxidant properties, it is useful for eyesight, strengthens the nervous system, bones and improves the condition of skin and mucous membranes.
Indeed, we are surrounded by excellent natural gifts, wisely using which it is possible for many years to maintain excellent health and excellent physical shape. So, eat the berries with gusto and be healthy!