Delicious and healthy “Green smoothies”

Preparation. Delicious and healthy “Green smoothies”

People who care about their health, should pay attention to the so-called “Green smoothies”.

Prepared on the basis of vegetables or fruits, they contain lots of greenery, usually in the ratio of 2:3, 2 part green and three parts vegetables or fruits. Due to the high content of various amino acids, green smoothies perfectly saturate the body, giving a feeling of satiety and thus, absolutely not overburdening the stomach. Greens contain fiber, therefore, getting into the intestine, it helps to improve digestion and remove toxins from the body, which in turn contributes to the normalization of weight. The antioxidants included in the composition of dill, lettuce, parsley, sorrel, celery or arugula, protect the body from harmful environmental influences and strengthen the immune system.
Green smoothies are incredibly useful to children and pregnant women, and indeed to any man, as full of vitamins, microelements, mineral salts and chlorophyll. Such plant food is very easy and almost completely absorbed, it tones, gives a feeling of lightness and energizes for the whole day. But most importantly, these wonderful green fodder is very simple to prepare at home using a blender, simply chop all ingredients and slightly dilute the necessary quantity of water, in order to get an acceptable consistency of liquid. Green smoothies would be a great Breakfast for the whole family, because for all its beneficial properties, they are still very tasty.
As a small Council it is worth remembering that the greens it is best to alternate using every day, to drink such beverages preferably immediately after preparation and stored for one day in the fridge, their useful properties cocktails not lose. So feel free to experiment, energize and enjoy the perfect taste of the wonderful green smoothies.