Banana cake

Preparation. Banana cake

This recipe is notable because it requires the everyday products which almost always have in the kitchen almost every housewife. So he will be able to help you out in a time when in a hurry you need to prepare quick and tasty pie. For preparing this wonderful delicacies you will need the following products:

3 banana;
80 grams of butter;
2 chicken eggs;
1 tbsp. sugar (200 grams);
1.5 cups wheat flour;
100 ml of milk, ghee;
soda, salt, vanilla.
Banana crush with a pestle to puree mass. Butter to melt and pour in banana puree. Then you need to drive the eggs, and add sugar, mix well. After add the flour and 100 ml milk, a pinch of salt, one teaspoon of slaked vinegar soda and at the end a pinch of vanilla.
Lubricate the form of butter and sprinkle with semolina so the dough doesn’t burn. Bake the cake about 30-40 minutes on medium heat in the oven.