Lamb chops with onions

Preparation. Lamb chops with onions

The ribs for this recipe turn out incredibly tasty and juicy. They can be served as a separate dish or vegetable side dish.

lamb ribs – 700 g – 1 kg;
fat-tail (cooking oil) – 150 grams;
onions – 500 – 700 grams;
coriander, cumin, pepper, salt.
Divide the lamb chops into pieces. Onion cut into half rings. In a pot heat bacon fat until Golden greaves (if you have oil, we just give him a good warm up).
Then put ribs in a large kettle, sauté until Golden brown about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Grind cumin and add to the cauldron, there is coriander. Now place the onions on top of ribs, but do not stir.
Cover tightly with a lid, make a small fire and let it cooked for about an hour (40 minutes). When the ribs are ready, you taste it, and if necessary, desalinate and added pepper. Then carefully mix the onions and ribs, onion and meat juices will drain down and get sort of a sauce.
Serve the ribs on a pita or on a tortilla, sprinkle chopped greens on your taste, you can season with black pepper, coarse ground. The juice from the ribs will soak the pita bread! Bon appétit!