Lamb kebab in the African

Preparation. Lamb kebab in the African

Get introduced to kebab recipe of traditional food of the peoples of Africa, I’m sure he will interest you with its unusual way of marinating.

mutton – 500 grams;
milk – 500 ml;
vinegar – 300 ml;
bacon – 150 grams;
pepper chilli – to taste;
thyme, Bay leaves – to taste;
For such kebabs, it is desirable to choose the flesh of the hind legs. Thoroughly wash the meat, cut it into pieces, put in pottery. Pepper clean the seeds, then finely chop. Sprinkle meat with thyme, add to the meat pepper and Bay leaf. Mix milk with vinegar, pour this mixture into the meat, stir. Leave the kebabs to marinate in a cool place for 2 days. Before preparing the skewers slice the bacon into thin slices, then wrap it into each piece of meat, nanizhite on skewers, cook over the coals until done.