Non-alcoholic mulled wine

Preparation. Non-alcoholic mulled wine

For those who love entertaining recipes who gladly creates small masterpieces in transparent cups, designed this wonderful recipe.

So, let’s start cooking, here are the ingredients:
Apple or grape juice – 2 liters;
orange peel – 3 slices;
cinnamon – 2 sticks;
ground allspice – 1-1,5 tsp. spoons;
ground cloves 0,5 or 1 tsp. spoon;
star anise (optional) – 1 star;
nutmeg (optional) – a pinch.
Take a suitable saucepan, mix it all the ingredients from the list. When the liquid boils, let the mulled wine will stew for another 5 minutes. After turn off the heat. Cover pot and allow the mulled wine to stand for half an hour. The mulled wine is ready pour into the pitcher.