Croissants with cheese

Croissants with cheese – gentle dough that melts in your mouth, perfect breakfast, which gives you a boost of energy and good mood.


  • Dry yeast - 1 packet
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp
  • Water - 50 ml
  • Cheese - 200 g
  • Oil - 40 g
  • Flour - 500 g
  • Eggs - 2 pcs
  • Beer dark - 250 ml
  • Vegetable oil - 50 ml

Preparation. Croissants with cheese

Yeast dough on beer. Mix dry yeast with the sugar, add warm water. Mix well and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Lightly beat the egg and mix with dark beer. Connect the brew-pub with egg mixture. Often add the sifted flour, vegetable oil and knead the dough. Stir the dough, cover with a towel and leave for 30-40 minutes in a warm place.

Tip: you need to sift the flour so that it enriched air.

Filling. Hard cheese grate on fine grater and mix with soft butter until smooth.

Tip: The cheese is easy to grate, grater if pre-oiled. Just to cheese stuffing, you can add nuts, spices. Fillings for croissants: chocolate, custard, fresh fruit and berries, jam.

Roll out the dough into a rectangular layer of 1-2 mm thickness, cut triangles. Put the stuffing in the middle of the triangle and fold rolls, giving the form a crescent. Billets lay out on a baking sheet, the laid parchment, brush with egg white and leave at room temperature for 20-30 minutes. Then bake at 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes.