Dessert curd “a La Tiramisu”

Preparation. Dessert curd “a La Tiramisu”

Everyone loves tiramisu, the original recipe is pretty expensive. Here presented to your attention a budgetary variant of home performance dessert, but no less tasty and beautiful.

shortbread biscuits – 200 g;
low-fat cottage cheese – 200 grams;
sour cream – 100 grams;
powdered sugar – 50 grams;
barley coffee – 200 ml;
In a blender, mix cottage cheese, sour cream, sugar, vanilla until smooth. Make a Cup of barley coffee, drop it into a cookie for 5 seconds. Then alternately put layers of cookies and cream. Sprinkle on top of dessert dessert carob through a strainer. Put dessert in refrigerator overnight (2 hours), dessert soaked.