Light cream with strawberries and chocolate

Delicate cream with taste of whipped cream, aroma of juicy strawberries and chocolate. You can cook this miracle in your kitchen today.


  • Strawberry - 500 g
  • Chocolate bar - 200 g
  • Butter - 80 g
  • Sugar - 170 g
  • Large eggs - 5 pcs
  • Fresh cream - 400 ml
  • Condensed milk - 1/2 banks
  • Granulated chocolate

Preparation. Light cream with strawberries and chocolate

Prepare the mousse: add chopped chocolate cream, softened butter to the bowl. Melt in a water bath or in the microwave, but without boiling. Cool slightly, add sugar. Separate the yolks from the proteins, add to the mousse. All well whisk.

Transfer the egg whites to a large bowl and whip into a very strong foam. Cover with a plastic wrap a bowl and put it in the cold for 15 minutes.

Wash and dry the strawberries thoroughly, cut into slices and transfer to the prepared mousse. In a bowl, whip the cream, then add condensed milk, whipped whites. Mix gently.

Spread the prepared mixture over the mousse, sprinkle with chocolate granules. Decorate to taste, for example, with plenty of strawberries, cut into quarters. Leave it in the cold before serving.