Homemade yogurt

Preparation. Homemade yogurt

Generally yogurt is a very versatile product, it is widely used in Vedic cooking. Yogurt for this recipe comes out quite thick consistency, it can be used as sour cream, you can fill them with salads, for baking, for sabji. And most importantly, it’s as easy to cook at home.

Milk – 4 litres;
Sour cream – 500 grams.
Milk should be boiled a few minutes. Then remove from heat, cool to room temperature (the pot can be put in a basin of cold water so the milk cools down faster). In the cooled milk add all the sour cream, mix well, cover the pan with a lid, place it in a warm place, wrapped in a blanket for the night. By morning the yogurt is ready, pour it in jars, refrigerate. Out 4 quarts of great homemade yogurt.