The pistachio kulfi

Preparation. The pistachio kulfi

Get to know the traditional dish of Indian cuisine, this is a kind of ice cream, its taste is somewhat different from our ice cream, but it is just gorgeous.

milk – 1 liter;
pistachios – 50 grams;
cardamom – 8 to 10 pods;
sugar – 5-6 table. spoons.
Take a pan with thick bottom. Pour in the milk, cardamom seeds slightly mash and add to milk. When the milk boils, screw the fire to the smallest, let the milk slowly cooked for about 2 hours. This will leave somewhere the third part of milk.
Then add sugar and cook for another 5 minutes, turn off.
Strain the milk and add the finely ground pistachios and mix. When the milk has cooled, pour it into a container to freeze place in freezer. After about an hour remove the container and whisk with a mixer or blender contents so that no ice crystals. Kulfi then put back in the freezer. Repeat beating twice. Then transfer kulfi into molds and freeze.
Prior to filing the mold with ice cream, put in hot water, then invert the mold and place kulfi on a plate, decorate it with chopped pistachios. You can experiment with the tastes. Use the mango and almonds instead of pistachios, also can add vanilla, chicory, berry puree, chopped hazelnuts, cashews.