Stromboli with two kinds of cheese and ham

Preparation. Stromboli with two kinds of cheese and ham

The perfect embodiment of a closed pizza, a simple recipe is flavorful and nutritious loaf, and stuffing… Just yum.

pizza dough (raw);
ham of your choice;
salami pepperoni;
mozzarella cheese;
Provolone (can be another solid low-fat cheese);
egg yolk;
olive oil.
Roll out the pizza dough, make it rectangular in shape. Salami with ham slices, cheese RUB on a grater or cut into pieces. On top of the rolled out dough put the ham, salami, then Provolone and mozzarella (leave 3 cm at the edges to make it possible to glue the dough). Then, roll the roll, pinching the edges, twist their them down. Oil a baking tray, cover with the roll seam side down, on top of a smear of Stromboli egg yolk. In the filling you can also add a mixture of Italian herbs or spices to your taste. Bake the roll Stromboli in a pre-heated oven at 180-200° to about 25 min.