Pomegranate drink with mint

Preparation. Pomegranate drink with mint

A colorful sweet and sour drink will give you unforgettable moments of pleasure exquisite taste, will refresh and quench your thirst.

pomegranate (seeds) – 1 PC.;
a bunch of mint (leaves) – 1 piece.
sugar – to taste;
pomegranate juice – 1-1,5 l;
lime juice (lemon or orange).
Take the form and shape ice silicone molds for baking, put them in pomegranate seeds, mint leaves and fill up with mineral water, then put them in the freezer for 6 hours.
The remaining mint leaves chop, add sugar to taste and pour a glass of water. Boil the mixture, continue cooking for another 5 minutes. After turn off the heat and let the mixture infuse for 15 minutes. The resulting mint syrup strain, and mix with pomegranate juice and juice your citrus.
Then remove the ice with pomegranate from the freezer, put the cups and pitcher and then pour the mint-pomegranate drink.