Greek loanalso

Preparation. Greek loanalso

A simple hail from the Sunny country of Greece, method of preparing vegetable pilaf will not leave you indifferent.

white cabbage – about 500-800 grams;
carrots – 1-3 PCs.;
onions – 1 PC.;
rice (round) – 100 grams;
tomato juice – 100 ml;
olive oil (or butter) – 100 ml;
parsley (greens);
black pepper (peas);
coriander (whole or ground);
chili pepper (optional)
green onions – 2-3 PCs.
Chop cabbage, onions cut into cubes of a large size, carrot -circles. Then at olives. oil fry until translucent onions, and carrots, then add the chopped green onions. Next, add the cabbage to the vegetables, increase the heat, stirring occasionally, cook to caramelize the cabbage. Add tomato juice, all your spices, when the cabbage is slightly browned, stir, then screw the fire to the minimum condition. Rinse the rice and add the rice to the vegetables, cover with water in such proportions that water twice. Cover the pan with a lid simmer, so the rice is fully cooked. Loanalso already cooked, sprinkle with parsley, also you can optionally put the chili pepper.