A thick carrot soup with broccoli

Preparation. A thick carrot soup with broccoli

Light vegetable soup, made available in any season of the year products. Its thick consistency will help you be satisfied with the health benefits.

350 grams of broccoli;
1 carrot medium;
1 AVG. onion;
1 stalk celery;
1 table. spoon Sliven. oil;
1 liter of cow’s milk;
one pint of purified water;
3 table. spoon of flour;
half tsp. teaspoon salt;
half spoon of dried thyme;
a pinch of pepper.
Carrots (you can RUB on a coarse grater) and onions cleaned, cut, and with chopped celery fry in large frying pan about 3 minutes. Then sprinkle the chopped broccoli florets and continue to fry for another 3 minutes.
Spread the vegetables in a pan, add 750 ml of milk, water, add salt, thyme and pepper. When your soup boils, you will need to lower the heat, cover the saucepan with a lid and boil further for another 5-10 minutes until when the vegetables are soft. In a Cup, mix the remaining 250 ml of milk with the flour, then gradually pour in preparing the soup, stirring it at the same time. Next, the soup was again brought to a boil, doveryaut somewhere else a couple of minutes, or at your discretion, until the soup thickens.