Hutsul banosh

Preparation. Hutsul banosh


  • Corn grits grinding medium – 180 g
  • 20% Sour – 500 ml
  • Cream 20% – 500 ml
  • Sol – 3 g
  • Brynza – 300g
  • Belly of pork – 300 g
  • Black pepper – a pinch


In a saucepan, mix tolstodonnoy milk and cream, pour the mixture into cold cereal, stirring constantly. To banush turned gentle, first boil over high heat, then reduce to a minimum. Cook for 5-7 minutes rump over high heat, stirring constantly, add the salt to the tip of a knife. When the porridge boils, reduce the heat and begin to wipe the rump convex side of a spoon. This will give a creamy consistency. Protomai another 5 minutes until cooked, do not cover the lid. Cooked porridge transfer to a chilled bowl, cover with towel and let stand under a blanket.

Tip: To prepare banush choose rump middle ground that there was no raw grains in the finished dish. Groats cook in a mixture of sour cream and cream, so banush get creamy, thick with a slightly sour taste. The ratio of liquid and grains of 1: 4 (liquid 4 times greater than cereals).

Cheese mash hands to large flakes. Pork cut into strips, fry a few minutes in vegetable oil until golden brown, season with spices. Banush lay in a deep wooden or ceramic bowl, top with a layer of crumbled cheese, and cheese on top hot cracklings, garnish with a sprig of parsley. White cheese melts and prosolit banush not stir, otherwise lost delicate taste of porridge. Banush scoop spoon from the center to the edges of the bowl, then will be felt full of flavor dishes.