Indian mango drink

Preparation. Indian mango drink

Gentle, cooling vitamin cocktail, sweet-spicy taste.

mango – 2 PCs. (fresh);
fresh mint (leaves) – 2 table. spoons;
sugar – 1.5 table. spoons;
chopped not cleared. palm sugar (3 tablespoons) 1.5 table. spoons;
salt – 0.5 teaspoon;
the jalapeno pepper – 1 PC.;
ground cumin – 1 tsp. spoon
Mango boil, cool and peel, remove the seeds, mash the pulp. Chopped mint leaves mash with a pinch of jalapeno to make a paste, then mix it with mango puree, dilute the mixture with water, the consistency was like a liquid cream. Ready to drink chill in refrigerator, serve decorated with a mint leaf.