Kiev chestnuts

Luxury dessert, a fantastic cake with a long history. Air-crumbly dough stuffed with prunes and nuts, wrapped in glossy chocolate glaze and covered with fragrant coconut – Kiev chestnuts.


  • Eggs - 5 pcs
  • Butter - 200 g
  • Sugar - 4 tbsp
  • Soda - ½ tsp
  • Lemon juice - 1 tsp
  • Flour - 360 g
  • For filling:
  • Prunes - 240g
  • Walnuts - 6 pieces
  • Coconut - 3 tbsp
  • Dry red wine - 250 ml
  • For the glaze:
  • Sugar - 75g
  • Milk - 50 ml
  • Cocoa - 75g
  • Oil - 75 g

Preparation. Kiev chestnuts

Dough. Boil the eggs, peel and separate the whites from the yolks. Yolks rub through a sieve. Whisk oil with sugar, add egg yolks, slaked soda with lemon juice and flour. The finished dough wrap in foil and put on 10 minutes in the refrigerator. Chilled dough, divide into 4 parts, form a sausage, split into 6 pieces and roll out each piece of the ball. Balls Stuff prunes and nuts. Cover the baking parchment, put the workpiece. Bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

Filling. On a dry frying pan fry the nuts for 7 minutes. Clear from the husk. Prunes rinse with running water from dust, put in a saucepan and fill with dry red wine. Boil prunes in wine 7 minutes. Fold in a sieve, dry, remove the bone. Start a prune walnut quarters.

Glaze. In a saucepan, combine milk, butter. Heat the oil to completely dissolve, add cocoa and sugar. The finished glaze cool.

Cooled balls cover the glaze and coconut. Put on the grill to frozen glaze.