Squid rings in batter with spicy-sweet sauce

Preparation. Squid rings in batter with spicy-sweet sauce

Juicy squid with a crispy crust, perfectly combined with a special recipe spicy honey sauce.

squid – 0,5 kg;
Cayenne pepper – 0,5 tsp. spoons;
ground black pepper – 0,5 tsp. spoons;
flour – 1 glass;
liquid honey – 6 table. spoons;
Asian sesame oil – 0.5 tsp. spoons;
garlic chilli sauce – 4 table. spoons ;
soda (soda) – 120 ml.
Squid cut into rings and soak in the soda for 10 minutes. In another bowl, mix flour, ground black pepper and Cayenne. Now prepare the sauce. For this we shall mix in a bowl garlic chili sauce, honey and sesame oil. Dip each ring in flour with pepper and sauté in a large number of well-heated oil. Fry them for 2 minutes, then place on paper towels to stack excess fat. After that rings a crispy crust. Rings serve together with the sauce.