Chops onion

Preparation. Chops onion

Easy to prepare dish, perfect with mashed potatoes and porridge. You will need following components:

6 large bulbs;
2 eggs;
semolina – 1 is not a full glass;
tomato(vegetable) juice or tomato paste;
salt, sugar;
black pepper;
the Bay leaves.
The bulbs should be cleaned and finely chop. If you suddenly got “angry” onions, then periodically rinse the knife and Board for cutting in cold water. To the chopped onions add eggs and semolina, all this mass of mix thoroughly and season with salt.
Next, make small cutlets and fry them in sunflower oil. Fried cutlets gently fold into the pan. Then add either tomato juice or water and add 3-4 tablespoons of tomato paste to your liking. The gravy should be salt and add a little sugar, stew for 50 minutes on slow fire. Just before the end add black pepper and Bay leaf. Serve onion burgers better cold with hot vegetables.