Croquembouche with pistachio custard

Preparation. Croquembouche with pistachio custard


Servings: 10
for custard cakes “Shu” (to prepare the day before)
• flour – 300 g
• milk – 250 ml
• water – 250 ml
• butter – 200 g
• eggs – 6-8 pieces
• sugar – 0.5 teaspoon
• pinch of salt
for choux pastry
• milk – 125 ml
• water – 125 ml
• butter – 100 g
• flour – 150 g
• eggs – 3-4 PCs
• pinch of salt
• sugar – 1/3 teaspoon (optional)
for the pistachio custard (prepare ahead)
• milk – 600 ml
• egg yolks – 150 g
• sugar – 140 g (more sugar, to taste)
• vanilla sugar – 10 g
• corn starch (or flour) – 60 g
• butter – 60 g + 270 g
• pistachio paste (optional) – 60-80 g
• green food coloring – 1-2 drops (optional)
for caramel
• sugar – 400 g
• water – 80 ml
• vegetable oil (odorless) for greasing parchment
Prepare the next frame for the French herringbone. Using a compass, draw a quarter circle (radius 30 cm) on thick paper. Scissors cut and swertia cone, glue the edges with tape, cut off the top (2 cm from the top), wrap in cling film or foil.
To prepare choux pastry. Bring to a boil in a saucepan the milk with water, butter, sugar and salt. Stirring with a wooden spatula pour all of the sifted flour. Boil 2 minutes and put the dough in a bowl to keep it cold. In the cooled pastry one at a time add the eggs, each time stirring well. The dough should not be too liquid, so not put all your eggs at once, and focus on consistency. Choux pastry should be shiny and homogeneous. Once the dough is ready proceed to cake “Shu”. Take a pastry bag with a round nozzle and fill it with dough. Line a baking tray and squeeze future cakes on the distance of 2-3 cm from each other. “Tails” is stamped on the test don’t place, and smooth them with a wet finger. Bake the cakes in ajar the oven at 190 degrees for half an hour. Meanwhile, prepare the custard pistachio cream. Bring the milk to boil. In a bowl, mash with a whisk the yolks, sugar and cornstarch. Slowly pour the milk into the bowl with the yolks, beat well with a whisk. Cook the cream over low heat until thick – remove from heat and let it cool. Combine cream with butter and allow to cool to room temperature. If you cook the cream in advance, then put it in the fridge and cling film and before the filling of eclairs, remove and allow to heat up. Then connect the butter and pistachio paste, whisk until very fluffy. A little add the custard and beat with a mixer until smooth. Next, prepare the caramel. Connect sugar with a little water and heat over high heat without disturbing. Bring syrup to a light amber color and remove from heat. I recommend cooking the caramel portion, as it hardens quickly. Place a sheet of parchment on the table, grease it with vegetable oil without smell. Ammonite the head of the Eclair into the caramel and lay the caramelized side down on the parchment, do so with all the eclairs. Fill each Eclair custard using a round nozzle. When all the ingredients are prepared, begin assembling the cake. Prepare the cone, put Eclair on skewers and Ammonite in caramel, place on the dish around the cone. Thus, assemble the whole cake. Croquembouche let it sit for a few hours. Before serving you can make a caramel veil. For this to make fresh caramel, dipped a fork and thin thread to wrap the cake.