Chicken rolls in breadcrumbs

Preparation. Chicken rolls in breadcrumbs


• 3 chicken fillets;
• 50 grams of cheese;
• 2 tbsp of mayonnaise;
• 2 tbsp pine nuts;
• 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs;
• oil for frying;
• salt to taste.
Prepare fillet, pre-wash it and Pat dry. Cut the meat into pieces, wrap in cling film and tenderize with mallet and season with allspice and salt. Next, prepare the filling for future rolls: blue cheese connect with mayonnaise and nuts. On each layer, fillet lay out the necessary amount of filling, shape the loaf, if breaks up, fasten with a wooden skewer. Then coat each roll in breadcrumbs, put in the pan and fry on all sides or bake in the oven.