Chicken hearts in cheese sauce

Preparation. Chicken hearts in cheese sauce

Note the creamy delicate taste of chicken hearts, cooked in this way. Juicy hearts, toasty ones look, they are perfect for various side dishes.

chicken hearts – 800 grams;
processed cheese ( amber) – 100 grams;
natural yoghurt – 1 Cup;
garlic – 2 cloves;
onions – 1 PC.;
herbs, salt, pepper.
Chicken hearts washed and cleaned of fat and veins. In a frying pan in a little butter fry the hearts, salt and pepper them, cover the pan with a lid, stir. Sliced onions must be fried in another pan and then add to the qualifying hearts. When hearts let the juice out, you need to make quieter fire and simmer for half an hour. If the hearts do not let the juice, then pour the Cup of broth.
Chopped herbs, and pressed garlic, mix with yogurt. It will be a gas station.
When the juice in the pan has evaporated and reduced by half and sauce will begin to thicken, add cream cheese, mix well until smooth.
After the hearts add the dressing and add 3-4 pinches of starch, this will help the gravy to thicken. Again mix well and the dish is ready. Let cool slightly and serve to the table.