Chicken salad with apples and cranberries

Preparation. Chicken salad with apples and cranberries


mustard 1 table. spoon;
cranberry (dried or fresh) 1/4 Cup;
red wine vinegar, 1 table. spoon;
half of red onions;
2 chicken Breasts;
1/3 Cup mayonnaise;
sour cream (yogurt), 1/3 Cup;
salt, pepper;
2 apples of medium size.
Alternatively, you can use fresh cranberries instead of dried. And chicken salad you can take either boiled, or chicken-grill. Chicken meat cut into small cubes or tear the fibers. Onions and apples cut small, and after mix with chicken and cranberries. The filling to this salad, prepare as follows: mayonnaise, sour cream (or yogurt), mustard and wine vinegar mix if finish a spoonful of honey, then your filling will be sweeter, sprinkle with salt and pepper. The dressing is ready, pour in salad and mix.