Light tomato fritters (gametocytes)

Preparation. Light tomato fritters (gametocytes)

Here is another recipe for vegetable pancakes, which you can easily cook all summer. By the way, this dish of the Greek cuisine. Very tasty and healthy pancakes can be hot and cold snack. These muffins are a good quick Breakfast for the family.

So, for cooking You will need:
350 grams tomatoes
1 white onion
1 egg
80-100 grams of flour
fresh mint
salt, sugar and hammer. black. pepper
half tsp. tablespoons of baking soda, slaked with vinegar
Tomatoes remove skin and finely dice (although, you can not delete), then gently squeeze. Onion and mint finely chop and add to the tomatoes, then add spices, sugar and hydrated soda, beat into the egg and stir. Then, little by little sprinkle in the flour, better if You have it pre-sifted. Fry pancakes in sunflower oil, spreading the tomato mass into the pan with a spoon. This dish is great to serve with a yogurt or low-fat yogurt, Thane.