Almond milkshake with apples

Preparation. Almond milkshake with apples

We present to your attention an incredible combination of nutty and fruit flavor. The recipe is suitable for people who look after their health, but not averse to indulge in special snacks.

The Apple – 1 PC.;
Almonds – 4 table. spoons;
Honey – 2 table. spoons;
Milk – 2 cups.
Gently fry without oil the almonds in a skillet, and then chop the nuts finely with a knife. Clean the apples peeled, cut into small cubes. Chopped nuts and apples chop using a blender into a homogeneous mass, then pour 2/3 of the milk and continue whisking. Ready cocktail pour in the remaining milk and put the honey. Perfectly serve the cocktail with a couple of ice cubes.