Milk-banana pudding

Preparation. Milk-banana pudding

Banana pudding is a great dessert-pudding with bananas and cookies. The birthplace of this wonderful sweet dishes are the USA. Created from natural ingredients, it will give you a real treat for the taste buds. We wish You inspiration and good luck!

Ingredients (for 2 servings):
milk – 2 cups;
flour – 1 table. spoon with a slide (how much);
starch – 2 tsp. spoons;
vanilla – pinch;
2 egg yolks;
cookies – 14 PCs. (it should be light, easy is an absorbent);
banana – 2 PCs.;
sugar – 70 grams.
Heat the milk, but molochno-banana pudding, let it boil. A quarter of the heated milk you pour in beaten egg yolks, stir. In a separate deep bowl, combine the dry ingredients (flour, starch, sugar, vanilla) and stir to them the milk-egg mixture, beat well with a whisk and pour into the saucepan with remaining milk. Over medium heat, cook the pudding, stirring constantly until it becomes thick. After, remove from the heat, allow the pudding to cool (cover with a lid, that there was no film on the surface).
Bananas cut into circles. Prepare two deep bowls for the pudding, each of them put cookies and bananas, as pictured. Then fill with pudding, then put a couple of cookies and banana circles, then finally pour in the pudding. You can also decorate the pudding on top of bananas and a few circles sprinkled with crumbs of biscuit, you can use whipped cream.