Scrambled eggs pasta with sausage

Preparation. Scrambled eggs pasta with sausage

This omelette is cooked on a skillet, a perfect Breakfast and come to the rescue when you need to cook a delicious and quick Breakfast, and you have in the fridge already cooked cold pasta.

cooked cold spaghetti – 300 grams;
smoked sausage – to taste;
egg – 5 PCs.;
Parmesan cheese grated – to taste;
salt and pepper to taste.
Take a deep bowl, whisk the eggs, add salt and pepper according to your taste, sprinkle grated cheese, mix well. After you put in the egg mix pre-cooked and already cold spaghetti, they should be mixed with egg. Grease sunflower oil large frying pan, put half of the spaghetti in the egg on it, spread across the bottom.
Then on top place chopped sausage, it will be the second layer, and cover with the remaining pasta with the egg to completely cover sausage. Fry the omelet on two sides for 15 minutes on low heat with the lid closed to get Golden brown.
This omelette is great to serve cold and hot.