Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Preparation. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Do not pass by so remarkable a prescription Breakfast. Created from simple, affordable products, it is useful due to the vegetables, and most importantly, nourishing and easy for digestion.

egg – 4 PCs.;
tomatoes – 3-4 pieces.;
hard cheese – 100;
milk – 3-4 table. spoons;
flour – 1 table. spoon;
greens at will;
butter for frying.
Need tomatoes remove skin, for this they make cross-shaped incisions, then pour over the tomatoes boiling water, then peel easily comes off. Then chop the peeled tomatoes into cubes. Hard cheese grate on a fine grater. Then separate the whites from the yolks, whip the whites to a strong froth. Separately, beat the yolks, add the milk, grated cheese, flour, and gently stir in the whipped protein foam, after – season with salt. Fry sliced tomatoes in butter until half the liquid evaporates. Fill tomatoes with egg and milk mixture, stir slightly. The pan cover and cook the omelet for a few minutes until fully cooked. Herbs to chop, you can add it to the egg-milk mixture, and you can just sprinkle with herbs a ready-made omelet.