Vegetable salad with beans and corn

Preparation. Vegetable salad with beans and corn

For those who want to replenish your body easily digestible protein, perfect for this salad. It is impossible to evaluate its health benefits.

Chinese salad (Chinese cabbage) – 100 grams;
Red tomatoes – 200 g;
Canned corn – 300 grams;
Red beans in its own juice – 300 grams;
Sour cream or vegetarian mayonnaise – 50 grams;
greens – on request
Salt, ground pepper.
Chinese chop salad and a thin mash, you need to let the juice. Tomatoes cut into cubes. Pre-drain the water from cans of beans and corn, then put in the salad beans and corn. Salt, pepper, use your discretion, you can also chop the salad greens, after his season with vegetarian mayonnaise or sour cream, and then mix well.