Vegetable soup with nori

Preparation. Vegetable soup with nori

Very delicious vegetarian soup, which is so fragrant, fragrant thanks to the spices. This soup is very beneficial for your health.

water – 2 liters;
potatoes – 5-6 PCs.;
carrot – 1 PC.;
nori – 4 leaf;
dill – 1 bunch;
fine – ground barley- 1-1,5 table. spoons;
fennel seeds – 1 tsp. spoon;
asafoetida – 0,5 tsp.spoons;
black pepper – 0,5 tsp. spoons;
coriander – 0,5 tsp. spoons;
allspice – to taste;
Bay leaf – to taste.
Cut potatoes into small pieces, boil, then add the Bay leaf, allspice and barley porridge. Fry all the spices in vegetable or melted butter, put chopped carrots, lightly fry and add to soup preparing. A few minutes later, tear the nori leaves into small pieces, then put them in the soup, then add chopped dill, season with salt to your taste and turn off the heat. When you left the Elevator, the soup must not boil longer than a minute.