Cake of pita bread with meat and mushrooms

Preparation. Cake of pita bread with meat and mushrooms

Lovers of cakes with meat filling will most certainly appreciate this amazing recipe. Crisp, nice blend of mushrooms, it’s delicious.

lavash (thin) — 1 pack;
minced meat (any) — 500 grams;
mushrooms — 300 grams;
egg — 3 PCs.;
tomato — 100 grams;
greens — 1 bunch;
cheese — 120 grams;
sour cream — 3 table. spoons with a slide;
onions — 1 PC.;
butter — 20 grams;
salt, black pepper.
If you have fresh mushrooms, you boil them and chop. If marinated, rinse and chop too. Tomatoes and herbs (finely) also chop, mix with mushrooms. This is the first stuffing.
For the second we need the meat, to it add the onion, previously finely chop, salt and pepper beef, mix well.
Lubricate detachable form for baking butter. Pita bread cut lengthways on two halves. Put the lower half of stuffing on the edges of the sheets of lavash, roll up the lavash rolls. Then place the rolls in the form of a ring, the extra crop. Then make these rolls, only this time with mushroom stuffing. They also lay out a ring. Alternating meat and mushroom rings, complete the entire form. Lay the rolls are not very tight.
Now mix the sour cream with eggs and cheese, grated on a coarse grater. This mixture evenly fill the whole pie, so to fill all the gaps between the rolls. Bake pie for 40 minutes in a well preheated to 200-220° oven. Should be a beautiful Golden brown.