Fudge “chocolate 3”

Preparation. Fudge “chocolate 3”

Fudge “chocolate 3

10 servings
for ganache dark chocolate
• dark chocolate (66% cocoa) – 190 g,
• cream (33-40%) – 225 g
• for the ganache of milk chocolate
• milk chocolate (40% cocoa) 300 g,
• gelatine – 2 g,
• cream (33-40%) – 150 g
for the ganache of white chocolate
• white chocolate – 300 g,
• gelatine – 2 g,
• cream (33-40%) – 150 g
for the glaze
• water – 70 g,
• sugar – 230 grams
• red gel food coloring (optional) – 3 g,
• gelatin – 10 g,
• cream (33-40%) – 150 g
• glucose syrup (can substitute light liquid honey) – 80 g
• cocoa powder – 90 g
for the pastry of milk chocolate
• milk chocolate (40% cocoa) – 55 g
• egg yolks – 15g,
• butter (softened) – 85 g
• sugar – 30 g,
• almond flour – 40 g
• wheat flour – 80 g
• large sea salt – 1 g (in the original, taken 2 grams of sea salt Fleur de SEL)
First prepare white ganache. Soak gelatin in cold water and give it time to swell. With a knife chop white chocolate and place in a bowl and place in a water bath. Allow the chocolate to melt, remove from heat and mix well. Boil the cream over high heat, strain the gelatine through a sieve from excess moisture and mix with the hot cream. Parts pour in the gelatine cream to the white chocolate and stir constantly. Should be elastic and shiny emulsion – this is ganache. Take a rectangular tin or a silicone cake pan. Tin form of pre-cover with cling film, and if you chose silicone, then take of thick silicone so as not to destroy the rectangular shape is very important. Pour the ganache on the bottom of the pan and refrigerate for 2 hours to harden (if you chose the tin form), for silicone enough and 30 minutes in the freezer. Then, in the same way, prepare the ganache of milk chocolate. The resulting emulsion pour over the hardened white chocolate and again put in cold to freezing. Ganache of bitter chocolate is prepared a little differently. Bring to the boil the cream over high heat. Knife chop the dark chocolate and pour to it gradually hot cream, stirring constantly to obtain a homogeneous emulsion. Do not use gelatin as dark chocolate itself is quite dense. Remove the form from the cold and pour the last layer of chocolate, and again put the ganache in the fridge. Meanwhile, prepare the glaze. Soak gelatin in cold water, mix in a saucepan the cream with glucose syrup. The syrup can be replaced with a light liquid honey, but it will affect the overall taste of the dish. Heat the liquid ingredients and stir, add cocoa, cook until smooth, remove from heat. Then prepare the sugar syrup. Combine water with sugar and food coloring, boil for about 5 minutes. You can do without the dye, it is necessary only for the color glaze. Connect the cream mixture with the cocoa syrup, whisk until smooth, add gelatin and tabledelete. Pour in a bowl for the water bath, cover with plastic film and store in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Take short crust pastry. Whisk the butter, add the sugar, egg yolk, almond flour, mix, add the wheat flour, pour melted in a water bath of milk chocolate and salt. Mix the ingredients well, cover the pan with parchment, pour the batter and bake until cooked in the oven at 150 degrees. Cool down the cake. Take a clean large plate, top, put the grill and place it on the cooled ganache. Pour the ganache warmed in a water bath frosting. Connect the dish to the cake, put the fondant, if necessary, cut off the excess edges of the cake and refrigerate overnight. When serving, cut the fondant with a knife, warmed in hot water.