Spicy rice pudding with saffron and almonds

Preparation. Spicy rice pudding with saffron and almonds

Delicious dish, looks excellent, but the taste is so subtle and delicate, creamy and spicy that it will be a real treat for true gourmets.

Long rice – 1.5 cups;
Milk – 0.5 cups;
A pinch of saffron;
Butter – 6 teaspoons;
Cardamom – 2 crushed green pod;
Cinnamon – 2.5 cm sticks;
Cloves – 2 PCs.;
Raisins – 0.5 cups;
Powdered sugar – 0.5 cups;
0.25 Cup toasted halved almonds.
Rinse the rice well in cold water several times, then fill with cold water and bring to the boil, once the water is boiling, the fire should be reduced, the pan cover and cook for 5 minutes, then flip it. In a bowl add 6 teaspoons of milk, pour in the milk a pinch of saffron, let steep for 5 minutes. In a pan melt the butter, in it cook for 2-3 minutes, the rice, cinnamon, pods of cardamom, cloves. You want the rice has got a matte color.
Milk mix with saffron milk, sugar, raisins, then raskolotoe. Then bring the milk to boil, reduce heat, cook for another 6-8 minutes under the lid. When the rice is soft, absorbs all the spices, remove from Kashi and large pieces of spices, garnish with almonds and serve hot to the table. This pudding will turn into 4 portio