Rolls of cucumber with shrimp, cream cheese and salmon

Preparation. Rolls of cucumber with shrimp, cream cheese and salmon


Servings: 3-4
• cucumber  – 1 piece
• small shrimp cooked, frozen (net weight) – 300 g
• salted salmon – 150 g
• cream cheese  – 60-80 g
• red caviar – 1 tbs
• garlic – 1 clove
• dill (or parsley) – 1 sprig
• freshly ground pepper
• salt
Take a cucumber as long as possible, wash, but do not clean the skin. With the help of a grater-mandolin slice the cucumber into thin plates 1 mm. Cut as thin as possible, in order to minimize the roll. The finished boards cucumber with salt and leave to “rest” a few minutes, to drain excess juice. Then a paper towel wipe each slice of cucumber. Prepare a creamy shrimp filling rolls. For this pre-thaw the shrimp, peel and chop in a blender until smooth. Gradually add cream cheese in small portions and constantly whisk blender. Make sure that the weight was not much liquid. You can’t use all the cheese listed in the recipe, and as much to obtain a homogeneous viscous cream. To the cream add pressed garlic, chopped dill, freshly ground pepper and all mix well. A little freeze salmon. Pre-put in freezer for half an hour, to make it easier to cut. Divide fish, cut into portion of the rectangle, the rest of the brats. On the Board place two slices of cucumber on each other, spread shrimp cream along the entire length. Place the salmon piece on the edge of the cucumber and roll tight roll, making sure that the filling does not fall out. Put the finished rolls on a platter and decorate top with layers of salmon. Before serving the dish cool in the fridge. Optionally, garnish with red caviar and secure the rolls with skewers or toothpick.