Seafood salad “Neptun”

Preparation. Seafood salad “Neptun”

Is a real marine cocktail you will never forget this great abundance of flavors. This salad is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are so necessary for our body.

shrimp – 300 gr.
squid – 300 gr.
crab sticks – 200 gr.
5 eggs
130 gr. red caviar
1. To begin, cook the eggs. After they cool, separate into whites and yolks. Small pieces cut protein. Yolk we will decorate and finish our salad.
2.Put on the fire water, sprinkle with salt and add the shrimp.
3.Cut squid. Do it as you wish, it is possible to show imagination. Like shrimp calamari add in hot water and boil.
4. Just crab sticks cut into small pieces.
5. When everything is cooked and cooled, combine all the above components in one tank, and put red caviar.
6.Thoroughly mix all with mayonnaise. Add spices to taste, the Dish is ready for serving.