Chocolate cottage cheese cake with peaches

Preparation. Chocolate cottage cheese cake with peaches

This recipe will please many, especially the soft texture of tender cake with a delicious sweet filling. This cake may well become your signature dish.

Ingredients for the dough:
Butter – 150 grams;
Powdered sugar – 50 grams;
Carob – 2-3 table. spoons;
Flour – 200-250 grams;
Baking powder – 2 tsp. spoon.
Ingredients for the filling:
Cottage cheese – 500 grams;
Powdered sugar – to taste;
Flour (2 table. spoons) + sour cream (2-3 table. spoons);
Vanilla – pinch;
Canned peaches.
Grate the butter on a coarse grater, then mix with carob, powdered sugar and baking powder, then gradually add the flour, hands to RUB the dough into crumbs. In an electric blender to whisk the curd, powdered sugar, sour cream, vanilla, then add flour and mix. Canned peaches cut into. In a greased form put half of the dough, then layer toppings on top of peaches, then cover with the remaining half of the dough, distributing evenly across the surface. Bake your cake you need at at 200 º for about 40 minutes, perhaps more time until done. Feeding cake to the table completely cold.