Chocolate fondant

Preparation. Chocolate fondant

The pride of French cuisine! Amazing, with white velvety taste, black sheath of soft dough and flavored cream filling in the middle, a real French fondant.


  • Natural dark chocolate (70%) – 170 g
  • Butter – 150 g
  • Eggs – 5 pcs
  • Sugar – 70 g
  • Flour – 70 g
  • Cocoa – 1-2 tablespoons


Break bar of chocolate into smaller pieces and melt in a water bath with butter. Mix the butter and chocolate only after they melt completely wooden or silicone spatula.

Tip: To dough fondant was homogeneous, add to it chocolate temperature of 36 ° C – as the body temperature.

In a bowl, whisk, whisk the eggs with the sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Pour the egg mixture into the liquid, the cooled chocolate and mix until smooth. In several steps, add flour and bring to the consistency of thick sour cream home. Pour part of the test in the molds for ice and put 1 hour in the freezer. The rest of the dough cover with foil and store in the refrigerator.

Tip: To filling for fondant after baking has remained liquid, freeze it in small cubes before baking.

Ceramic molds for fondant brush with butter and sprinkle with cocoa powder. Fill the dough and put in the middle of a cube of frozen dough.

Tip: fill the molds 2/3 that during baking the dough does not go beyond the edge.

Set the completed forms to the baking sheet and bake at 180 degrees for 8-10 minutes. To fondant not burnt, remove it from the oven when the tip of the fondant covered with a crust only on the edges. Allow the dessert to cool for 2-3 minutes, cover with a plate shape and flip. Sprinkle with cocoa and serve hot with a scoop of ice cream.