Puff hearts with Julien shrimp

Preparation. Puff hearts with Julien shrimp


Servings: 2
• puff pastry – 400 g,
• quail or small egg (for greasing test) – 1 piece
• for Julien
• shrimp (raw) – 150-200 g
• champignons – 200 g,
• onion – 1 PC,
• garlic – 1 clove,
• cream (33-35%) – 200-300 ml
• dry white wine – 50 ml
• vegetable + butter for frying,
• salt,
• freshly ground pepper (white, green or a mixture of 5-and peppers)
Pre-defrost in the fridge-bought puff pastry. Packaging cut, remove the dough, so it will not be weather-beaten. Or cook for yourself homemade dough. Roll out not too thinly and with the help of molds in the form of a heart cut out 4 blanks. Then a mold of smaller diameter cut from two blanks the midway. Do not throw scraps dough and cut into desired shape and bake, sprinkle with sugar or powder. Will be a fine puff for tea. Edge of whole hearts lubricate with egg white, lay on top the rims of the cut out hearts and squeeze, as if gluing them, place on baking sheet, moistened it with water or zastelit parchment. Before baking brush the rims of the hearts with egg yolk and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for half an hour. When the heart is Golden and the centerpiece will rise, with a spoon push her to make baskets for the filling. Make a julienne. Fry chopped onion in vegetable oil until tender. Slice the mushrooms thin slices and sauté in the same pan, where grilled onions. Will viparita mushrooms of the excess liquid, add a little oil and mix. Connect with onions, mushrooms, pour in the wine and viparita alcohol. Then add the cream and boil. Pay attention to the fat content of cream. If the sauce is watery, then zapustite it with flour. Pre-put shrimp in the refrigerator. This gentle defrosting of seafood. Clean, remove the black vein and cut into cubes. Put the shrimp into the sauce and stir. Bring to taste and cook on low heat until thick. To spice in the sauce, add the chopped dill and cheese. In willing hearts spoon julienne and serve hot.