Stir fry chicken with pineapple in sweet and sour sauce

Preparation. Stir fry chicken with pineapple in sweet and sour sauce

Exquisite way of cooking chicken breast, the knowingly advantageously combined with juicy pineapple and the sauce will pleasantly surprise you.

The recipe makes 6 servings.
Chicken fillet – 800 grams;
Potato (corn) starch – 2 table. spoons;
Sweet pepper – 2 PCs.;
Ginger root – 2 table .spoon (finely chop);
Pineapple – 350 grams (that’s half a small pineapple).
For the sauce you will need:
Soy sauce – 6 table. spoons;
Rice or Apple cider vinegar 2 table. spoons;
Sugar – 1 table. spoon.
Pepper cut into thin strips, chicken fillet into thin strips, pineapple – small pieces.
In a separate bowl for the sauce, mix sauce, vinegar and sugar. Sliced chicken Ville sprinkle with starch so that it covered all the pieces.
For cooking chicken take a roomy frying pan or wok, but if anything there, then fit a normal deep fryer. In a pan, over high heat in two tablespoons of vegetable oil, fry chicken parts until Golden brown, each part for 2 minutes. If you are using a wok, the chicken strips should fit snugly to each other, otherwise they’ll stew, and we need that fillet was fry.
Remove from the wok chicken. As there fry, stirring, grated ginger half a minute. Next to ginger add sliced peppers, again stirring occasionally, continue to fry another 3 minutes. The peppers should be crispy and soft.
Then put back the chicken plus pineapple, pour the sauce. Warmed dish, stir a couple of minutes. Best of all this recipe goes well with rice. So Bon appétit!