Pork skewers marinated in white wine

Preparation. Pork skewers marinated in white wine

The recipe for this kebab is extremely simple, and the taste of the meat will appeal to lovers of food, cooking using wine.

pork neck – 2 kg;
dry white wine – 1 glass;
ground coriander – 1 tsp. spoon;
ground black pepper;
black peppercorns, Bay leaf, salt.
Cut the meat into pieces of the required size, but only so that each of them left a layer of fat. Due to this, the barbecue will turn out more juicy. Then in a pan mix the meat with all the spices and add white wine, mix well.
Cover the pot, remove the skewers to marinate in a cool place for several hours. Periodically stir the skewers in the pan so it is evenly soaked.
Salt the meat before cooking. String shish kebab on skewers and cook until Golden brown, pouring the remaining wine marinade.