Pork kebab marinated in pomegranate juice

Preparation. Pork kebab marinated in pomegranate juice

Add a bit of sophistication in cooking skewers, soaked fruit and vegetable juices, the taste is simply unforgettable.

pork neck is 1.5-2 kg;
onions – 2-4 PCs.;
tomato – 2-4 PCs.;
bell pepper – 2-4 PCs.;
fresh pomegranate juice – 1 Cup;
herbs Basil;
carnation – flowers 4-5;
ground black pepper, coarse sea salt.
Cut meat into desired pieces, onion cut into rings, greens finely chop. To pickle, use an enamel pan. Put layers as follows: meat, then sprinkle it with spices, then onions, then the greens. Then spread more meat, spices, onions and herbs until the meat runs out. On top of all layers put flowers cloves, then pour in pomegranate juice, cover the pan with a lid. The meat should marinate for 4 hours in a cool place, every hour stir the contents of the pan. Before you start to cook, for half an hour, season with barbecue. On the skewers string the meat, alternating with rings of tomatoes, cook over the coals.