Pork skewers with spices

Preparation. Pork skewers with spices

You can nicely relax in the company of close friends sitting on the lawn and enjoying a pleasant aroma of juicy spicy kebab.

pork neck – 1.5 kg;
lemon – 1 PC.;
onion – 400 grams;
chili pepper – 1 PC.;
mineral water – 300 ml;
vegetable oil – 2 table. spoons;
ground black pepper, dry oregano – to taste;
ground red pepper, salt – to taste.
Meat cut into large pieces. Approximately half the onion cut into rings 1 cm thick, the other half of the onion RUB on a grater and put in a separate bowl. Then pour the grated onions with lemon juice and add the crushed chili pepper. Then add all the spices and pour it all in mineral water, the marinade is ready.
Pieces of meat, onion rings and half a lemon and place in a bowl, pour the marinade and mix well. Then cover the bowl with a lid, let the meat marinated for 2 hours.
Well, and then string the meat, alternating it with onion, on skewers, fry the skewers over the coals, until the meat is fully cooked.