Cheese and vegetable balls

Preparation. Cheese and vegetable balls

Delicious hot appetizer that will be a great addition to the dish of meat to the cereal or potato mashed potatoes.

1 head broccoli, medium;
1 piece carrot, medium;
1 clove of garlic;
cheddar cheese, grate 3/4 Cup;
3 eggs;
1 Cup bread croutons;
1 table. spoon spices “Italian herbs”;
Salt, pepper.
Broccoli florets should be cut finely, boil a few minutes until they turn bright green, then cool them, place in a large bowl, add the grated carrots, pressed garlic, beaten eggs, grated cheese, breadcrumbs, spices. The obtained cheese-vegetable stuffing to shape small balls. Bake the balls in heated to 175° oven, the pan should cover with baking paper. The duration of baking is about 20 minutes, until brown Golden.