Cheese lavash, baked in the oven

Preparation. Cheese lavash, baked in the oven

Juicy and browned the cheese cakes will not leave you indifferent. This delicious, hearty dish with a light garlic flavor of the sauce and greens that give it a special piquancy.

thin lavash – 2-3 pieces;
Suluguni cheese – 400-500 grams;
Gouda cheese – 150 grams;
egg – 4 PCs.;
sauce “Garlic”;
greens, ground black pepper.
Cheese lavash, baked in Duchovny Suluguni grate. Take 3 eggs and beat them slightly, add the sauce to your taste, in order to give zest, a bit of yogurt and chopped herbs, mix everything. Pour this mixture into the cheese, the mixture should be slightly liquid, so add the yogurt gently. Grease a baking sheet (baking pan) with oil and spread it on the pita so that the edges of the pita bread hung.
Now lavash smear a thin layer of cheese filling and pepper, cover with lavash. Alternate the filling and the pita bread until one or the. The last layer should be cheese, apply it so that it was covered with hanging pieces of pita bread. The remaining 1 egg and whisk a little grease on top, bake in the oven for 25 minutes at 180°. Then remove the baking sheet and sprinkle pita with grated Gouda cheese. Again, put bake in the oven, but at 220° until Golden brown on top.