Tart with peaches and custard

Preparation. Tart with peaches and custard


in the form of: 36h10 cm

for dough

  • flour – 357 g
  • butter – 186 g
  • powdered sugar – 128 g
  • almond flour – 46 g
  • eggs – 65 g (1.5 pc)

for choux pastry (you can cook half portions)

  • Milk – 125 ml,
  • Water – 125 ml
  • butter – 100 g,
  • flour – 150 g,
  • Eggs – 3-4 pieces,
  • a pinch of salt,
  • sugar – 1/3 tsp

for custard

  • Milk – 500 ml
  • Sugar – 160 g
  • yolks – 3 pieces
  • cornstarch – 25-30 g
  • butter – 50 g
  • vanilla sugar
  • peaches (fresh or canned) – 300 g


Shortbread dough. Sift the flour, almond powder and flour. Good chill the butter and cut into small cubes. Mix everything with the help of the harvester to the sand aggregate. Connect the chips with egg and mix. Sprinkle with flour and place the dough table, his hands knead and shape into a ball. Use guitar sheet or silicone sheeting pad. Place the dough between the mats and from the center to the edges of the roll (5 mm thickness). Place in the fridge for 4 hours. With the cold dough easier to work, and the result will be perfect. Chilled dough is put into a mold, the edges trimmed with a knife. Again, place in refrigerator.

Choux pastry. Boil milk with water, oil, salt and sugar. Stirring constantly pour the sifted flour. Cook over medium heat until thick mass. One by one add the eggs into the cooled pastry. Knead well until smooth. Pour the dough into a pastry bag and refrigerate.

Custard. Boil the milk with the sugar (90g) sugar and vanilla on low heat. Allow to cool, saturated with vanilla milk and cream will be a pleasant taste. Mix the dry ingredients: sugar and starch. Pour the egg yolks and bring the mixture until smooth. Heat the milk and pour a thin stream to the mixture, stirring constantly with a spatula. Then bring to a boil over medium heat (1-2 min.). The custard through a sieve or blender to kill, to avoid lumps, and add oil. Cool and put in a pastry bag.

Take the form of a short pastry from the refrigerator and bake in the oven until golden color at 180 degrees. Semi finished tart cool and pour a portion of the custard. Cut peach into thin slices and dry them using the wipes. Share on cream. Pour the rest of the custard and garnish with the desired pattern of choux pastry. In a preheated 180 degree oven bake for about an hour. Tarte submitted in batches, pre-cool it.