Cake Dobos

The famous cake from Hungary, which is incredibly expensive. Prepare his house for ridiculous money. 

• Eggs – 5 PCs
• Sugar powder – 200 g
• Flour – 50 g
• Butter – 125 g
• Cocoa – 20 g
• Vanilla sugar – 1 tsp
• Black chocolate – 100 g
• Water – 40 g
• Sugar – 100 g
The dough Bush. Kill the egg yolks with powdered sugar until the consistency of thick cream. Proteins beat until thick peaks, add a pinch of salt. Parts enter the flour and the whites in the yolks. Spread the batter into a pastry bag. Cover a baking sheet with parchment, otsadit circles with a diameter of 18 cm Bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees 6 cakes. Finished cakes will separate from the parchment and cool.
Tip: the dough is very soft Bush and kept for 7 days in the refrigerator or in a dry place. In the freezer you can store the dough up to the Bush month.
Cream. Mix cocoa, melted butter and vanilla sugar until smooth. Dark chocolate melt on the steam bath. Eggs with powdered sugar brew in a water bath. Melted chocolate in a thin stream, pour in the cocoa-butter mixture. Then connect with brewed eggs.
Caramel Fudge. In a saucepan put sugar, pour water. Bring to a caramel color and add the butter.
The formation of the cake. Five cakes liberally over the cream. The last cake pour caramel Fudge and cut into 8 parts. Put on the surface of the caramel segments, garnish with berries.