Cake “Freesia”

Preparation. Cake “Freesia”

Gourmet French desserts. Amazing taste, a real feast for the stomach. One of the most expensive French desserts. Festive Miracle – Cake “Frazier”.


For the sponge:

  • Eggs – 3 pcs
  • Egg yolk – 2 pcs
  • Sugar – 120 g
  • Butter – 20 g
  • Flour – 120 g

For the cream:

  • Milk – 300 ml
  • Egg yolks – 3 pieces
  • Sugar – 100 g
  • Flour – 25 g
  • Corn Starch – 25 g
  • Oil – 150 g
  • Gelatin – 5 g

For syrup:

  • Sugar – 150 g
  • Water – 150 mL
  • Berry liqueur – 50 ml

For the meringue:

  • Egg white – 2 pcs
  • Water – 40 ml
  • Sugar – 120 ml


Biscuit zhenuaz. Slightly beat eggs with sugar, put in a water bath. Continue to beat until fluffy white mass stable. Then, using the whisk combine mass at high speeds. Add the melted butter and flour sifted twice in divided doses.

Tip: Stir ingredients shovel, so as not to lose the lightness dessert.

Split mold grease with butter and flour pritrusite. Put the dough and bake for 35-40 minutes at 170 ° C. Ready cake cool at room temperature.

Cream muslin. Soak gelatin in cold water to swell. Perebeyte yolks with the sugar until light weight. Add flour and cornstarch. Milk preheat over medium heat, add the sugar. Part of the milk, pour in the egg mixture, connect well. The whole mass pour the second part of the milk and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thickened. The hot cream add swollen gelatin, butter, mix, cover with cling film to the body and put in the fridge. Chilled cream mix with whipped butter.

Tip: gelatin cream will give a stable texture and will hold the shape dessert.

Syrup for impregnation. In a saucepan, combine the water, sugar. As soon as the syrup boils, add the berry liqueur and remove from heat.

Italian meringue. Bring water and sugar to a boil, boil for 1 minute. Whisk the whites. A thin stream, pour the syrup proteins, constantly stirring, cool.

Assembling the cake. Cut off the top of the cooled biscuit. Sam cake cut into 2 cake and cut out circles of soft parts. The edges of the form with high sides fill with cream, put soaked cake, strawberry halves firmly lay on the edges of the wall. The median fill cream and place halves of a strawberry on top, cover impregnated Korzh. Top cover with a thin layer of cream and refrigerate for 30-40 minutes. The cooled meringue cake cover, garnish with strawberries and mint.