Cake “Opera”

Cake “Opera” – timeless European classics! The recipe, Frederick Cassel, will not leave anyone indifferent


  • For biscuit "Mona Lisa" with cocoa
  • almond flour - 165 g
  • powdered sugar - 135 g
  • trimolin (can replace conventional sugar or honey) - 15 g
  • Eggs - 225 g (4-4.5 eggs)
  • egg whites - 143 g
  • sugar - 23 g
  • butter - 30 g
  • Wheat flour - 25 g
  • Cocoa - 20g
  • Whipped ganache of white chocolate with coffee
  • white chocolate (35%) - 140 g
  • cream (33%) - 220 ml
  • Coffee (freshly) - 100 ml
  • cream of chocolate
  • dark chocolate (70%) - 110 g
  • egg yolks - 45 g
  • Sugar - 20g
  • Milk - 110 ml
  • cream (33%) - 110 ml
  • mirror for chocolate glaze
  • Sugar - 170 g
  • Cocoa powder - 75 g
  • cream (33%) - 90 g
  • Water - 100 g
  • gelatine - 12 g
  • for coffee syrup
  • Coffee (freshly) - 265 ml
  • sugar - 35 g
  • labeling and lubrication of biscuit cakes
  • Dark Chocolate - 60-70 g

Preparation. Cake “Opera”

Portions: 10-12. The size of the form: 19×28

Chocolate glaze. Soak the gelatin in cold water to swell. In a saucepan, combine sugar, cocoa, water and cream. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Squeeze gelatin from the liquid and enter the solution in the glaze, mix until uniform and leave to cool.

Biscuit “Mona Lisa” with cocoa. Whisk egg whisk until light foam. Connect the almond flour, powdered, trimolin (honey) and half the beaten eggs. Whisk the mass mixer for about 5 minutes, pour the remaining half of the eggs and continue beating until the mixture becomes uniformly white. In a separate bowl, beat whites with sugar until soft foam. Portions enter almond proteins to mass, stirring constantly from the bottom up, trying to enter into the dough as much air as possible. Then enter the sifted flour with the cocoa and melted butter. Well knead the dough, and conditionally divided into 2 cakes. Cover the baking parchment and bake cakes at 200 degrees in the oven until cooked. Ready-made cakes cool and separated from the parchment.

Whipped ganache of white chocolate with coffee. Preheat Turk on fire and pour a teaspoon of coffee, pour 150 ml of water and cook on low heat for coffee. Give the finished coffee brew and strain through a sieve (100 ml). Melt the white chocolate in a water bath and mix with 1/3 of the coffee. It should get a smooth homogeneous mass. Add the remaining coffee and plastic spatula to mix until smooth. Chilled cream to pour mass and mix well, pour the ganache on the shape (thickness 1 cm) to tighten the film and put in the refrigerator overnight.

Cream of bitter chocolate. Melt the dark chocolate in a water bath. Use the blender to whip the egg yolks with sugar until fluffy white mass. Mix the milk, cream and mass, bring to 84 degrees over low heat. Ready cream strain through a sieve or blender to kill. Portions to pour the cream to the melted chocolate, stirring constantly until mixture is smooth and shiny emulsion.

Prepare the coffee syrup for soaking sponge. To warm up a Turk on fire, add 2 teaspoons of coffee and pour 300 ml of water. Brew the coffee, let it brew, strain through a sieve (265ml) add sugar.

Assembling the cake. Cover the cake for your form in several layers of film. First, lay out on parchment cake sponge cake soaked with melted chocolate. Put in the fridge for 15 minutes. Then put the prepared pan cake (chocolate side down) and generously soak the syrup. White chocolate ganache with coffee beat with a mixer until the consistency of mousse and a half to put on the cake evenly. Put in the freezer for 15 minutes. Then put the second sponge cake and soak generously with syrup. Evenly lay out the second half of the ganache on the cake and put in the freezer for 15 minutes. Put the third cake, soak the syrup and pour cream chocolate. Whenever possible, ideally smooth the surface. Place the cake on a night in the freezer. Preheat the mirror glaze to 37 degrees (the temperature with a thermometer to check the cooking) and spread all over the cake. Carefully remove the cake from the mold, with a sharp knife align the edges, and place in the fridge to defrost. Garnish with the inscription “Opera” of melted chocolate. Serve portions.